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Welcome to Vigo

With 300,000 inhabitants, Vigo is the city with the largest population in Galicia and its area of influence covers more than 500,000 persons. The industrial and economic strength of the region is based in Vigo. It is not only the first fishing port in Spain, but also the base port of the largest deep-sea fleets in Europe, whose vessels fish in all fishing grounds of the world. Nature is the main attraction of this city since it is located in an unparalleled setting. The city is spread out on hillsides that overlook a beautiful bay: Vigo Bay.

Vigo offers a wide range of cultural, gastronomic and leisure activities, supplemented by the beauty of its coastline and the countryside, which is dotted with vestiges of past eras. Given that the city grew attuned to the sea, it is only natural that the old town centre is located right at the foot of the Bay.

Get to know Vigo and its surroundings

Get to know Vigo and its surroundings



From the city you can take numerous tours to explore the surroundings. These can vary from the spectacular Cies Islands to the millennial Santiago de Compostela, not forgetting excursions to jewels like Baiona, Pontevedra or TUI, from where you can also get to know our fraternal neighbour Portugal.

Cíes islands 40 min (boat)
Santiago de Compostela 72 km
Pontevedra 21 km
Baiona 35 km
Porto 149 km
Tui / Valença 35 km
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A walk through Vigo

Vigo is the largest city in Galicia, and one can easily learn about its past, present and future through an hour-long walking tour.
Vigo breathes from its historic quarter, its charismatic Old Town: a little village in the middle of a bustling industrial city. A building rehabilitation process, which is still under way, has enabled a gradual return of resident lifestyle to this beautiful neighbourhood of byways and narrow streets that slope down to the sea. Stroll through its winding streets of arcades and emblazoned houses from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries, and if you prefer, treat yourself to one of the many restaurants and places in the area that serve scallops and oysters. However, the most famous place for tasting oysters is A Pedra, claimed to serve the best oysters in the world.
The Ensanche is the stately part of Vigo, where the canning industry proprietors had built their houses. They were the founders of the modern city in the 19th century: emblematic buildings that can still be admired when one leisurely walks around in the heart of Vigo. Not to be missed is Montero Rios Street and the Alameda Park, surrounded by elegant stone buildings with imposing façades. Its pedestrian streets are perfect for family walks that take you to Vigo Bay. This street penetrates into the Ensanche through the Sports marina of the Royal Nautical Club, whose offices are in an original boat-shaped building.
One can get the best views of Vigo from the top of Mount O Castro, located in the highest part of the city. It's not the classical urban garden, but a beautiful hill, right in the heart of Vigo, and the point of origin of the city, with its first settlers. If you are interested in archaeology, lower down the hill side, you can visit the Celtic archaeological site to learn what life was like in Vigo between the 3rd and 1st centuries BC